Wallpaper FAQ

Q: Help! I’m having trouble downloading your desktop wallpaper OR when I download it, it’s blurry.

If you’re having problems turning our photos into your desktop wallpaper, the first step is to make sure you download from the official wallpaper page located here:


Follow the steps until you get to the last page – some people mistakenly set the thumbnail as their background and it’s way to low res for that kind of work (and looks very blurry / pixelated)

So, go step by step until you get to the last page. Wait until the image is completely downloaded, and right-click. Choose “Set as desktop background” (your browser may say something slightly different), and that should do it. Note – the option to set as a desktop background will ONLY appear if the image is completely downloaded.

Special Note To Google Chrome Users – Chrome does NOT support setting images as desktop backgrounds at this time. Why? We have no clue, people have been screaming about it since Chrome loaded its first webpage. The easiest way to circumvent the problem is to simply use a different web browser to get the wallpaper. If that’s not an option, save the image and set as your background as described below.

Q: Why are there black bars on the sides (or top and bottom) of my wallpaper image?

A: We add the bars to maintain the proper proportions of the photo.

Here’s what happens. The images on this site are a certain ratio – usually 3:2, but most monitors are a different ratio (like 4:3 or 16:9 or any number of variations thereof). This means that if the image from the site were “full frame” on your screen, it would likely be distorted (either stretched or squashed depending on the ratio difference) and it wouldn’t look right. It’s kind of like trying to force a square to fit inside a rectangle – you’d have to stretch it to make it work.

So instead, our system looks at your monitor’s ratio and adds black bars on the sides of the image as needed for a perfect fit to your screen. Our images will never look distorted thanks to the black bars – and you get to enjoy the photos the way they were intended to look.

Q: Do your wallpaper images work on my iPad?

Actually, they do work on iPads. Flip your iPad horizontal, and head to the wallpaper page. It should determine the size and output a photo as you go through the steps. The only difference is that you’ll need to save the final photo (press and hold it for a sec then let go – you should have a Save Photo option).

From there, head to your photos and click it. Next, look for that little “arrow in a square” (probably upper right) and click that – it should give you the option to set as wallpaper. Finally, you’ll need to decide if you want it on your home screen, lock screen or both. Just click the button corresponding to the place you’d like the wallpaper and you;re all set. Whew!

Yeah, we may just come out with an app for this…

Q: The wallpaper looks funny (pixelated) on my screen. What went wrong?

A: This can happen if your browser window is zoomed in. Try pressing ctrl+0 on your keyboard, then go back to the wallpaper gallery and try again. This should fix it.

Q: I click on the calendar, but nothing happens. Is the wallpaper broken?

A: Nope, the calendar is just part of the image, it’s not animated.

Q: Instead of setting the wallpaper as the background, is there a way I can save it on the computer?

A: Sure. Just right click on the picture and select Save Picture As.

This will let you choose a place to save the picture on your computer. I would highly suggest saving them to your My Pictures folder.

After the wallpaper file is saved to your computer, right-click on your desktop and select Properties. Select the Desktop Tab and then the Browse button on the right.

This will let you locate your wallpaper file that you saved to your computer. Just choose the location where you saved the wallpaper file to.

Select the wallpaper file and hit Apply. That is all there is to it!

Q: Why aren’t all your photos available as wallpaper?

A: Most of the time it’s simply because we haven’t had a chance to make them into wallpaper yet – or that they’re vertical shots. If you have one you’d like to see as wallpaper, send me a message via our Contact Form.

Q: Is there a way to make the calendar larger?

A: We’re planning on changing it in the future. It’s a painfully long and tedious process though so it will likely be awhile before we can actually get it done. (Lots of other stuff in front of it on our programming list)